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The Prairie Home Companion Newsletter has been around for about six years, coming to you each Wednesday morning via a traditional newsletter platform called Mailchimp. Over the years, it has evolved into a celebration of A Prairie Home Companion and all of the fabulous performers that made it into such a memorable radio show. 

Now we are bringing this newsletter right here on Substack, where Garrison already has three email newsletters available (Garrison Keillor and Friends, The Back Room, and The Writer’s Almanac Anniversary Newsletter).

The Prairie Home Companion Newsletter is still interesting, still informative, still convenient — and still free.

Here, you’ll read about — and link to audio of — our featured weekly show, one chosen from our 40-plus-year archive of A Prairie Home Companion radio broadcasts.

You might also find:

• blurbs about the guest performers and links to their websites and schedules

• links to the occasional performer interview

• photos, lyrics, or scripts from the featured show

• information about merchandise from our catalog

And there’s a new feature: you can leave a comment right on the page itself.

Enjoy reminiscing about the good times on A Prairie Home Companion. And share this info with like-minded friends — or introduce uninitiated pals to the decades of unforgettable programming on APHC. They’ll thank you. We thank you!

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In this newsletter, each week we will highlight a classic show from our 40+ year history with videos, photos and interviews. We will also keep up with the goings-on of our regulars as well as announce new merchandise.


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